Payload Capsule v1.1

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Today we spent a few hours re-envisioning and rebuilding v1 of the payload capsule. We built v1.1, smaller, lighter, and with dual cameras, woot! (Daft Punk song?!?)

Here is an overview of the payload with APRS antennas sticking out the bottom. The total height of the capsule is under 7″ and will contain:

  • SPOT tracker
  • APRS tracker
  • 2 GoPros with extended batteries


Overview capsule v1.1


This picture of the capsule is broken up into three sections. The SPOT tracker in the top cap (left), main body (middle), APRS tracker & GoPro 3+ Black bottom section (right)

Internal view capsule v1.1



Same pieces as above from a different view. Our internal demensions are: 2″ x 2.5″ x 4.25″

Front view capsule v1.1



Because we are going to be launching into higher altitudes, one of our primary design goals was to keep the capsule very lightweight and compact. Being compact allows us to retain as much heat as possible, and reduce the need to heat a large open space. Additionally, as the payload descends at a rapid rate, very cold air will be rushing back into the capsule as air pressure increases, and we don’t want there to be much open space for that to occur. This new design also puts all of the batteries near the center of the capsule so that the hand warmers can be centrally located while heating the batteries.

Weight of capsule v1.1


We found that the GoPro cases are almost the same weight as the GoPro itself. Thus, we decided to remove the case and only use a protective lens cover on the GoPros lens. The GoPros 3+ are lighter then the 1’s, 2’s and Hero 4’s. So we’ll be using GoPro 3+ black shooting 4k at 15fps.

On the ARPS tracker we removed the metal casing (as seen in the second picture) in order to reduce some weight.

Missing only the extended 2800mAh batteries for the two GoPros and hand warmers (20g ea.) the total weight was 506g. BOOOM! The is 1100grams less then the first launch. We should have no problem staying under the 800g goal. /mini tribal


 Additional GoPros Weights

  • Hero 1 – 94g
  • Hero 2 – 94g
  • Hero 2 BacPac – 40g
  • Hero 3+ Black with Lens – 75g
  • Hero 3+ Silver with Lens – 75g
  • Hero 4 with lens – 88g
  • Hero1 w/case – 157g
  • Hero2 w/case + BacPac – 214g
  • Hero 3 w/case – 131g
  • Hero 4 w/case – 141g

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