HAB Launch V1

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Credit for creating the Video goes to Luke L, a Scout who holds the Star rank from Troop 445!

Special thank you to all of the adult BSA leaders who made this possible, and especially to Todd Tolbert and Dan Ludlow for driving with us through the muddiest areas of the state in search of a tiny little box!

– Kevin Brazell

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  1. Scott Angus
    | Reply

    Awesome work Luke!

  2. Justin Chambers
    | Reply

    Well done! Gotta do that with our scouts.

    • Kevin
      | Reply

      Yeah, let me know, and I will share all the details. I can condense about 80 hours of research into about a 1 hour conversation 🙂

  3. Dan
    | Reply

    Merit Badges are going to feel underwhelming after this event….lets raise the bar!

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