New Project: Solar Explorer

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As many may have heard, a rare celestial event is about to take place. Millions of people across the USA are traveling to the Path of Totality to witness what may be a From “On Monday, August 21, 2017, … Read More

HABv2 Debrief

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I crunched some numbers today, and I estimate that troop 445’s balloon achieved 117,723 ft in altitude, and we know that Troop 252’s balloon achieved 114,667 ft! Great work, everyone! We learned a lot! We were able to determine that … Read More

What Is Terminal Velocity?

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To answer my own post, terminal velocity is the highest attainable speed (in one direction) of an object in free fall. Everything depends on the weight and shape of that object, and the direction it’s facing. Once an object reaches … Read More

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